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The Process


Inquiry & Pre-production

Here at KejCreative we want this to be a collaborative process. We begin with a phone call or in person meeting to discover your core visual language and message you desire to convey through film. Together we flesh out the scope, number of production days, personnel, and determine budget. As we continue to collaborate, we begin to flesh out story details. This includes location scouting, script writing, casting, and scheduling.



This is where the magic begins! Working within the scope and budget, film production begins with the capture - interviews, voice-overs, b-roll, associated aerial footage - all of this falls within this stage of the process.


Post - Production

Always keeping the core message in tact, we craft a film that articulately and artistically reflects the mission and purpose of the brand. This process includes edit, sound mixing, coloring, effects, mastering, and processing. Films and any photos taken are delivered via your client portal for access and easy downloading.


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